Friday, August 24, 2012

Notes From A Friday

I have a storage issue with my computer....problem being that I MUST delete old photos because they are truly overwhelming my hard drive.  Yes, they are backed up in two other places.  Yes, I'm totally paranoid about loosing them anyway.  Wouldn't you be with such gems like this?!
Wonder what they are talking about.....
  • First, a heartfelt thank you to all of you who took the time to write to me and offer your support and encouragement after my last post.  I received more feedback from that post than from anything else I've ever shared on the blog - and all of it came from a kind, loving, generous spirit.  Thank You!
  • I don't really have any follow-up other than to say that I begin my official duties as the Friday Folder lady for Tanith's classroom today and am looking forward to helping her teacher - who is quite possible the most wonderful first grade teacher in the world.
  • Also, I decided to give myself a break and have been enjoying a week of relaxing and letting go.  It's been nice, but I'm ready to get back to the business of living and growing.
  • I wish I had accomplished many, many wonderful, creative, crafty things in the last week....but alas, that is not so.
  • I have been working on my shawl, and it has hit the point where I HAVE to finish it asap so that I can move on. 
  • It has proven to be one of those projects which eats up a surprising amount of time. 
  • Also, I have done a tiny bit of spinning.  With the return of the cooler mornings, the wheel is back out on the deck with me. 
  • It would be perfect if I couldn't hear the highway.
  • And really.....that's all of the crafting I've done in the last week or so.
  • Um, I have done some Christmas planning...but it's not gone beyond the planning stage yet.
  • So let's talk about something else!
  • I am counting down the days until my podiatry follow-up next Tuesday with eager anticipation!  While I didn't end up taking the full course of the NSAIDS (They totally wrecked my gut.) the rest seems to have done it's trick.
  • And I am sooooo ready to start walking and/or running again! 
  • I went on a wee walk with a friend over the weekend - just around the corner to visit some other friends - and it was enough to make me realize how out of shape I've become from just one month of inactivity. 
  • I don't like that at all.  I'm not used to feeling so weak!
  • I'm a little bit more than half way through a 21 day sugar detox.  It had become apparent that my diet had become a lot sloppier than I realized (Honesty - my attempt at a Whole 30 didn't stick.) and so I decided to get down to brass tacks.
  • After all, I've spent two years playing with my allergy diet and/or paleo...but I've never managed to fully integrate it so that I saw the type of results I knew were possible. 
  • After reviewing several options, I knew that I had to face the sugar bug first.
  • The 21 Day Sugar Detox I'm following is very strict - not only am I avoiding all sugars and sweeteners, but I'm also not eating fruit of any kind right now. 
  • And it's amazing!  I can tell a huge difference already....I feel slimmer (still not weighing, I was serious about that!), and my face is clearing up (see below also).  The headaches which had started to creep back in are many good things!
  • The next step?  Once I have the sugar bug fully defeated I'm going to be experimenting with an autoimmune protocal for the Paleo Diet.  Everything I've learned in the last few years is pointing me in that direction, and it's worth a try.  You can learn more about the Autoimmune protocol in Practical Paleo or at the Paleo Mom.
  • I also decided to experiment with homemade bone broth during my detox, and I now drink a cup of the stuff every single morning. 
  • LOTS of people in the Paleo world make and drink their own bone broths as they are loaded with all sorts of healthy goodness that you just can't get elsewhere or are better/easier to absorb in a food form.
  • I didn't add any veggies or anything to my first batch, wanting to taste it in its most basic form. 
  • Next time I'll add stuff.
  • Oh, and the one thing I've learned for sure - poor sleep is my Achilles heel.  I had one extremely bad night, and it just about derailed everything. 
  • Because the food stuff just isn't crazy enough, I've also started using the Oil Cleansing Method to wash my face.  It sounds counter intuitive, but my oh my does my skin ever LOVE it. 
  • My own blend uses two parts of jojoba and one part caster oil - although the next time I'll probably reduce the amount of caster oil in my mixture. I do it just about every night before bed, and in a relatively short amount of time my skin has improved dramatically.
  • And yes, I know full well the anti-inflammatory diet and bone broth are contributing!
  • I'm not a vain woman, but I have to admit I'm very, very pleased with this turn of events. 
  • And by the girls, who've been eating mostly paleo at home this summer , both broke out after a week of the food my parents served them.  Two weeks back on track, and their faces are once again clear and smooth.
  • Sorry for the super-long post.  It's just been a while, and apparently I had a lot to say!  Hopefully I will be back to regular posting in the coming week.

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