Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Crafting Year In Review

Finished Knitting Projects:
  • 1 kid's vest
  • 2 baby surprise jackets
  • 1 matching baby surprise bonnet
  • 3 mini hearts
  • 6 shawls
  • 12 pair of socks and matching minis (not surprising given this was the year of socks for my friend Shelda and I!)
My list of completed knitting projects is rather shorter than usual because of...

Ongoing BIG projects:
  • Princess
  • The Scrapbook Blanket
And I love these two projects more than you can possibly imagine.

  • completed 2 1/2 Jacob fleeces
  • the odd combo of Shetland and silk in greens
I'm not real happy with my spinning list for the year.  I have a bunch of wonderful fibers that I didn't go near because I was working on the Jacob fleeces.  I do love and appreciate them, but the fact of the matter is that since my parents did all of the shearing and processing themselves this year they weren't in the best of shape and spinning wasn't a lot of fun.  I'm sure that will improve next year as they have chosen to have it all professionally done.  It was also incredibly hot this summer, and I don't normally like to spin when it's that hot.

The IMPORTANT part is that I'm actually USING my handspun now.  Three of the knitting projects listed above are knit with handspun.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone:
  • embroidery (LOVE!)
  • sewing (Enjoy, but never going to be a priority)
  • drop spinning (ditto sewing)


Bonnie said...

You continue to be a creative powerhouse and inspiration! Best wishes for a productive and happy 2012!

A Day That is Dessert said...

I'm glad you have so many wonderful creative outlets! You're setting a great example for your girls.