Thursday, July 10, 2014

Workspace #2 and #3

The absolute best lighting in our house is in our kitchen.  As a result, this is where I tend to do most of my knitting and spinning.  Our dining chairs are falling apart, and so lately I've been dragging Starbucks chair #2 into the kitchen so that I can sit and watch tv in comfort while I knit.  Winston thinks this is a fabulous plan!
On a side note - I've had the fiddleleaf fig on the right for more than 16 years, having bought it from the flower shop I worked at during college.  The spider/airplane plant on the left is a dear friend of mine.  She's forgiven me for almost killing her a couple of years ago, and is now almost back to her original state of glory.  (Poor thing was down to four teeny, tiny shoots!)
And, of course, when the weather is good - and the pollen/mold counts low - my absolute favorite place to spin is on our deck.  A friend commented a year or so ago about how it looks like it's a tree house, and that's exactly what I love about it!  (This isn't the prettiest pic of me working outside, but it is current as of this AM.) 
I'm quite happy to say that after the heartache of having to cut down four dead trees last summer the remaining four have come back healthier than ever.  They are enjoying their new found room to grow, and I'm enjoying the beauty and shade they are giving to my deck!

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