Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Peek Into My Workbasket

The Green Woman is over the moon that we are being creative again, and she wanted me to share what's in our workbasket right now!
 The small shawl I started earlier this week is close to being finished.  I actually have enough yarn to make myself a pair of matching fingerless mitts!
 I'm also very close to finishing another new pair of socks for myself.  Yes, friends, this will be my fourth new pair this fall.  One can NEVER have too many handknit socks!
 I've also finally started a long-wanted pair of stranded colorwork socks.  They are so fun that I think I'll keep the details secret for a little while yet.
 All I have to do is graft the end onto the rest of this scarf...
which will only take ten minutes or so if I just get to it...
 This sweet little thing, which just happens to be one of my favorite knits in a long while, needs to have the facings sewn down, the ends woven in, and buttons added before it can be sent to the baby it is intended for.  Problem is, I can't find buttons in town!
I have about half of the ends to still weave in on the Scrapbook blanket, and I also need to add the trim around the outside.  Opal has other plans, though, so I haven't touched it since I brought it upstairs.
I also have a circular shawl that is mostly done.  The problem is that I lost interest in it months ago, and am honestly not sure if I'm going to continue.  The Green Woman likes to remind me that if I haven't worked on something in several months it should probably be frogged so that I can use the yarn for something else.  She's probably right....and I might have some ideas....some of which would involve some tweaks to what I have already so that I don't have to entirely frog it.  We shall see!

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Kelley said...

Thank you for sharing! You got me all revved up to settle in for the day and do some knitting.

Love the little bit of blue on the baby sweater. I never thought of a nice chocolate brown as the main color for a stranded sweater.