Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sea Dreams

 The pictures don't do it justice....they sadly wash the color out considerably.
 My newly finished yarn is roughly 280 yards of the most beautiful sea colors you have ever seen.
 The singles were spun on my 3 inch, 1.9 oz Celtic Knot Golding ring spindle.
I used my beloved Lendrum to ply the singles together.
 I thought about digging up all of the pictures I took while spinning this yarn...but instead I will  show you how beautiful the original materials were. 
 Is it any wonder I was tempted by this -
Once upon a time, my dreamy yarn was Sauble by Creatively Dyed - 8 oz of a blend of 70% wool and 30% sea cell, purchased from the fabulous Loopy Ewe.  If you are a knitter or a spinner who hasn't already discovered this wonderful simply must go by for a visit!
Now I must go dream up a project worthy of this yarn....

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