Thursday, February 7, 2013

Puppy Love

One week ago today, during a routine browse of the available dogs at the Central Missouri Humane Society, I found a litter of pups....
 Not just any pups....lab mixes of just the right age....exactly what I wanted.
 It was the first time I'd found such an opportunity, and I'd been looking for well over a year.
 I made it to the shelter just as they opened the adoption center so that I could fill out the application.
 As the pups were in foster care, we had to arrange a meet and greet for Friday.
 In the meantime, I had extensive talks with my parents and my husband.
 I really was prepared to walk if I didn't find the exact temperment I wanted.
 But my, oh my....
 I found the perfect one.
 And we fell in love.
 We are proud to introduce.....
Sir Winston Toby Frazier, Esq.
PS.  To the family who had wandered into CMHS on Friday and had fallen in love with Winston in the three minutes they had with him before we showed up for our appointment.....tough luck!


Shelda said...

Oh, I love his full name. What fun. Enjoy! (but then it sounds like you have that covered.)

margene said...

Sir Winston looks like a wonderful addition to your family! He'll keep you busy!

Lecia said...

SO wonderful!!