Thursday, June 23, 2011


I hosted a play date this morning...which was mostly an excuse to lure two of my favorite friends to the house for some grown-up girl time.

To my delight, Aimee brought me some leftover sock yarn for my blanket! As she had rather large balls of leftovers, I just did a quick square from the two skeins so that she could take the rest home and make more socks. Isn't it lovely! Aimee is probably the one person I know who's personal color favorites most closely match my own. That's a pretty big deal given my very non-traditional favorites. I also must say that I admire her personal sense of style. Aimee is one of those people who always is dressed as herself...if that makes any sense.
But what I really want to say about Aimee is that I love her honesty. Good, bad and ugly she will bluntly lay it out like it is....and thank God! There have been times when I've really needed to know that my reactions to certain situations are normal - even when those reactions aren't what society tells us they should be. With Aimee I feel completely safe being myself, and so I'm VERY happy to have a little piece of her in my blanket!

PS. Aimee is also one of my biggest supporters in the food allergy arena as she's dealt with some very serious food allergies in her own family. I would be lost without her and my BKB!

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